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We offer the most relevant opportunities for the Ukrainian market


accounting, financial statements, cash flow, p&l


points of sale, pos



recruitment and interaction


and cooperation management




production, logistics, warehouse, etc


Implementation of ERP systems is a significant competitive advantage which strengthens the company's position on the market. Business automation with the latest advanced functionality of Odoo Enterprise makes your business adaptable and flexible. So start modern automation right now with Self-ERP.


The solution from Self-ERP is a new modern business ecosystem. For building our solutions we chose Odoo 16 - an international platform that has 7 million users worldwide. ERP solutions from Self-ERP are created in accordance with the realities of doing business in Ukraine and consist of fully integrated business applications.


All necessary business tools are implemented in a single system. The result of implementing automation on Odoo 16 from Self-ERP is a unified company management system and business development - 81% of companies, after conducting an ROI analysis, testify that their indicators have improved due to the implementation of an ERP system.

Our cooperation and implementation stages

Contact and clarify the details and business needs  ​
Develop and coordinate the implementation logic
Set up the system and train people
Stay in touch for ongoing support and updates

Accounting and Payroll as part of a common system

Ukrainian accounting and calculation of wages are significantly different from international ones, so it is usually difficult for Ukrainian businesses to implement a ERP system. The Self-ERP satisfies this request by creating an adapted Ukrainian accounting on Odoo, which fully meets the requirements of the law and market demand. Our solutions are a full-fledged alternative to russian 1C, and fully integrated with all other areas of your business.

Why Odoo?

Odoo Enterprise is an open source solution which significantly differs in capabilities from other ERP technologies. More than 7,300 modules are available - for flexible customization to your needs.

Business needs
Other ERPs
A powerful solution with flexible tools for communication with the client
most solutions don't have features
B2B sales
Electronic signature, online payments, up-sell and cross-sell tools, PoS
most solutions don't have features
Ukrainian accounting
Accounting and management
Usually a simplified version, not suitable for Ukrainian realities
Marketing automation
Automation of mailings, mass mailing, event marketing, blogs
External tools are required
Human Resources Management (HRMS)
Recruitment, evaluation, salary, time management
Usually a simplified version

Why you should choose us

to implement ERP on Odoo Enterprise?


The Self-ERP is a team of experienced development and automation specialists on Odoo. We have been creating and successfully implementing Odoo solutions for many years and offering businesses the best automation options.


We use the practical experience of Ukraine's leading experts in accounting and finance, building our own solutions for industry areas and accounting.


We pay special attention to user training which significantly improves the efficiency of the project for the client.

An ecosystem of common applications

The essence of a common ecosystem - all your data entered into Odoo 16 will be automatically applied to all integrated applications.

When we creating a personalized automation solution for your business, we pay special attention to integrations that are critical for doing business in Ukraine. This allows you to integrate the required modules into a common system.

Choose the solution for your business

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What is an ERP system?

ERP system is a software tools for effective management of business processes - Enterprise Resource Planning. But now the ERP system allows not only to plan resources, but also to conduct analytics, study trends, conduct research and influence the development of the company.

What is an ERP system for?

The erp system is the main tool of a manager or company owner who can make effective decisions. ERP systems are used not only by senior managers, but also at all levels of company management - to track processes, the current state of purchases and sales, management and accounting.

What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

An ERP system is a more sophisticated tool than a CRM. ERP allows you to effectively manage not only the client side and sales, but also other processes such as production, logistics chains, accounting, etc.

Who uses the ERP system?

ERP systems are used in all key processes of the company. It is important that all processes are part of a common system and that data is updated and integrated with each other.

How much does an ERP cost?

The cost of ERP depends on many factors. For example, the cost of the license is from 12 euros per user per month, the cost of setting up or updating is paid separately. Today, unlike in the past, the ERP system is not considered as an expense, but as an investment that gives the company a significant competitive advantage and stimulates development.