By continuing to use this site, I, as a user, voluntarily and unequivocally consent to the actions of the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY SELF-ERP (Company) that, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection," are the processing of my personal data in accordance with the formulated purpose of their processing.

I am informed and agree that the processing of my personal data is carried out by the Company (and may be carried out by a group of legal entities associated with the Company) for the purpose of providing the User with services (identification, authentication, authorization, depersonalization, password recovery, sending informational materials with the User's consent, responding to requests and letters from the User, receiving orders for the purchase of goods, leaving feedback on the quality of service, receiving advertising and special offers, information about promotions, contests, other information about the Company's activities to conduct secure transaction orders and payments; providing the proposed services; conducting marketing promotions and taking other actions not prohibited by law).

In this regard, I agree that my data may be transferred to third parties with whom contractual relations arise in the process of economic activity.

This consent does not imply consent to the privacy policies of third parties, including third parties whose website or other online resources are referenced on this website.

I am aware of the need to familiarize myself with the privacy policies of third parties when using the services of third parties, including by using the website or other online resources of a third party.

We process your personal data only if you provide your consent during registration on the Website and when creating a User Account. By creating an Account, clicking the "Register" or "Login" button, as well as by submitting any web forms or sending messages to the email and messengers listed on the Website, you agree to the Privacy Policy and give your consent to the processing of personal data. By registering on the website and/or using it, you automatically give your consent to the processing of personal data.

Your consent to the processing of personal data is entirely voluntary. Lack of consent to the processing of personal data makes it impossible to register on the Website and/or use your Account.

Category of personal data processed: last name, first name, patronymic, contact phone number, email address, the name of the company I represent.

I have been explained my rights as a subject of personal data, and I am aware of the purpose of processing personal data and the place of their storage.

According to Part 2, Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection," the subject of personal data has the right to:

1) know about the sources of collection, the location of their personal data, the purpose of their processing, the location or place of residence (stay) of the owner or controller of personal data, or give the relevant authority an appropriate proxy to obtain this information, except as provided by law;

2) receive information about the conditions for providing access to personal data, including information about third parties to whom his personal data is transferred;

3) access their personal data;

4) receive, no later than thirty calendar days from the date of the request, except as provided by law, a response regarding whether his personal data is being processed, as well as the contents of such personal data;

5) present a reasoned demand to the owner of personal data with an objection to the processing of his personal data;

6) present a reasoned demand for a change or destruction of his personal data by any owner and manager of personal data if this data is processed illegally or is inaccurate;

7) to protect my personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to intentional concealment, non-provision, or untimely provision, as well as to protect against the disclosure of information that is untrue or that disgraces the honor, dignity, and business reputation of a natural person;

8) appeal against the illegal processing of his personal data to the Authorized Person or in court;

9) apply means of legal protection in case of violation of legislation on personal data protection;

10) make reservations regarding the restriction of the right to process his personal data during the consent;

11) revoke the consent to the processing of personal data;

12) know the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data;

13) protection from automated decision-making that has legal consequences for it.

This consent is valid indefinitely until the date of its revocation by sending a written notice of such revocation to LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY SELF-ERP in any form, unless otherwise provided by the current legislation of Ukraine. 

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY SELF-ERP reserves the right to make changes to this provision at any time. After making changes, such changes will take effect immediately upon their posting on the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY SELF-ERP website.