Creating an innovative business support model - the result of collaboration between Self-ERP and 'IBIS' company

26 May, 2023

About the client

The IBIS company was founded in 1994. Today, the company's business includes a retail network, one of the most visited niche online stores, shooting clubs and service center, the production of proprietary brands, and B2B distribution.

The company's mission
is to make life and people interesting and, during wartime, prepared for challenges. The company's portfolio includes around 800 well-known firearms, fishing, and outdoor brands, with over 100,000 products.

The IBIS company's team consists of more than 700 employees.

Client's request

Odoo is a modular business management system that can be an effective solution for companies operating in multiple countries, particularly in Europe. One of the main challenges in warehouse management and logistics for such companies is the need to consolidate data from different sources and localizations

Odoo can help address these issues by creating a single source of data and using a unified system to manage warehouse accounting and logistics across the entire company. This enables quick and efficient data analysis and decision-making.

The IBIS company approached us specifically with the question of building a unified warehouse management system across multiple business directions and countries. Among the client's key needs was the request to create an efficient system of address storage with a range of complex configurations. The experts at Self-ERP have experience in implementing complex international solutions.

Solution from Self-ERP

The solution from Self-ERP involves creating a multi-company environment with different accounting parameters for its participants. The complexity lies in the fact that different companies apply different financial accounting parameters, but they need to be unified into consolidated reporting

This non-standard solution has multiple implementation stages. Executing such a project became possible due to the intelligent communication structure between the client's office and the development team, including phased planning, regular progress updates, team selection based on tasks at each stage, transparent tracking of hours spent, and performance evaluations.

As a result, we achieved an innovative business support model and plan to further develop the project.

Olena Druzhynska • СМО at IBIS

It's noteworthy that within just 2.5 months, the IBIS team began full-fledged operations with the new system. This was achieved through parallel training of the staff involved in the system from the first hours of collaboration.

In addition to building processes
and a unified management system, IoT was also implemented in this short period. Through joint efforts of the Self-ERP and 'IBIS' teams, physical information sources such as printers, scanners, and barcode readers were integrated into the system. All of this is now part of a comprehensive solution, impacting the reliability of analytics and, consequently, the efficiency of making operational management decisions

It's worth noting that the new international project of the client is integrated with the accounting system of the parent company, which also has a positive impact on operational activities and optimizes time and costs. Thus, the main demands of Ukrainian businesses for a rapid launch of foreign subsidiaries have been addressed. 

We continue our collaboration towards the development of the client's business.

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