Digital transformation in action: Self-ERP experts automated the processes of the Invest Office

How successful ERP system implementations help Ukrainian businesses
14 March, 2023

About the client

The Invest Office was established in 2022, initiated by the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Lviv City Council, and the Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). The company focuses on creating a customer-oriented service that helps businesses access financial opportunities for development and strengthening

The Invest Office is a unique platform for financial programs and grants for businesses.
The company's experts explain and provide a roadmap for obtaining funding, share information about investment opportunities in the region. The team also offers professional consultations on export strategies and entering new markets. An important aspect of the Invest Office's work is advocating for the interests of businesses with local government authorities.

The office's team
includes experts in grant activities, expert support, financial and legal activities, and marketing. In total, the team consists of 9 people.

Client's request

Goals that the client sets for the ERP system:

  • Implementation of a CRM system to work with clients and improve the quality of communication with them, as well as analyze their behavior
  • Ability to build a customer database to stimulate demand for our services 
  • Control the company's effectiveness through a task management and monitoring service, shared planners, and calendars
  • Ability to track interactions with counterparties through electronic document flow and display processes related to agreements (stages, document-related debts, payments)  

Solution from Self-ERP

  • The Invest Office has chosen to automate its processes using Odoo Enterprise. The implementation is still ongoing, but the configuration and commissioning of the CRM module are already complete. Project management is currently in the final stages, and the organizational structure and staffing structure have been established.
  • Together with Self-ERP experts, the Invest Office has modeled its business processes. Now, they are clear and optimal for achieving business goals. Thanks to the optimization proposed by Self-ERP, implemented features were realized using only the basic functionality of the system, significantly reducing costs..  
  • Currently, there is also consideration for the implementation of partial Marketing functionality related to the organization and analysis of the effectiveness of Invest Office events.

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