Case of Daylight: Enhancing competitive advantage in the market through business process automation

Case of Daylight
5 October, 2023

About the client

Company Daylight Contract is part of the Daylight Design Group, a leading player in the interior design market for the past 20 years. Daylight Contract specializes in interior project supply and management, executing turnkey interior projects for top clients. The client's request was for maximum business process automation with an optimal budget to enhance the company's efficiency.

Client's tasks and needs requiring special focus

  • Project Management: The company's primary activity involves designing and executing interior projects. The client required the automation of this process for efficient project and subcontractor management.
  • Procurement and Logistics Management: Procuring unique interior items from various countries demanded intricate processes that needed optimization and automation.
  • Management Reporting: The client aimed to receive operational management reports for better control over projects and overall business.

Solution implementation

To meet the needs of Daylight, a solution based on the Odoo Enterprise ERP system was implemented. This allowed the automation of various aspects of the company's operations, providing:

  • Effective Project Management: The development and execution of interior projects are now highly automated. This significantly increases the productivity and quality of projects by optimizing both the working time of each employee involved and the overall workload.
  • Streamlined Procurement and Logistics: Complex procurement processes and international logistics are finally consolidated into a single system, simplifying and speeding up the acquisition of goods from around the world.
  • Enhanced Management Reporting: Real-time operational information about projects and finances is now readily available, aiding in making informed decisions at all levels.

Results and conclusions

Thanks to meticulous planning and collaboration between the Self-ERP and Daylight teams, the implementation can already be considered successful, although traditionally such large projects are evaluated over a longer term. However, the main work was completed in just 4 months, and now Daylight enjoys all the benefits of automation in the Odoo Enterprise ERP system.

In one word: improvement. Process automation not only saved time and resources but also increased overall efficiency and competitiveness for Daylight in the interior design market.

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